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Delivery Time 1 - 3 Business days

  • Open Division: 255,- € 
    (Playing for money)

  • Open Division +Playing for 
    PLDA Worlds Spot (on Tournament day min. 10 Players +250,- € cash)*

  • Senior Division +45 (at 1.9.2022): 
    255,- € (Playing for Money or PLDA World Spot min 5 Player)

  • Lady Division: 255,- € 
    (Playing for Money)

  • Amateur (Open or Lady): 55,- € 
    (Playing for Trophy)

If you have any questions: contact us!

Registrated Players:

Open Divison:

1.) Matthew Clarke (Great Britain)
2.) Gearoid O Brien (Ireland)
3.) Stephen Carey (Great Britain)
4.) Stephen Rice (Ireland)
5.) Timo Petrasch (Germany)
6.) Robin Horvath (Germany)
7.)  Rory Peters  (Great Britain)
8.)  Ismael Fernandez Rodriguez  (Spain)
9.) Sam Bollands  (Great Britain)
10.) Simon Cooper (Great Britain)
11.) Henry Woodman (Great Britain)
12.)  Aleksi Kivini (Finland)
13.)  Dan Konyk (Great Britain)
14.) Bry Roberts (Wales)
15.) James Brosnan (Great Britain)
16.) Marc-Luca Metsch (Germany)
17.)  Matthew Doherty  (Great Britain)
18.) Dom Musetti  (Great Britain) 

19.) Aaron Lennie (Great Britain) 

20.) Will Phillips (Great Britain) 

21.) Thomas Rolfe  (Great Britain) 
22.) Daniel Wood (Great Britain)
23.) Matthew George (Great Britain)
24.) Paul Woodcock (Great Britain)
25.) Jordan Brooks (Great Britain)
26.)  Luke Curtis  (Great Britain)

Senior Divison

1.) Paul Griffiths (Great Britain)
2.) Gideon Stander (Great Britain)
3.)  Marko Mustonen  (Finland)
4.)  Farayi Hobwana (Great Britain)
5.) Dan Konyk (Great Britain)

Lady Divison:

Amateur Divsion:

1.) Ben Sparham (Great Britain)
2.) Bradley Smith (Great Britain)
3.) Matthew Jones (Great Britain)
4.) Mike Hinchliffe (Ireland)
5.) Elliot Wakefield (Great Britain)
6.)  Seb Williams  (Great Britain)
7.) Tom McGillycuddy (Great Britain)
8.)  Ashley Fox (Great Britain)
9.) Murry Jahaj Albania (Great Britain)
10.)  Ross Osborn (Great Britain)

Information and Rules:

  • Open Division: Every Player is playing for the Prize Pool!
  • Open Division can choose on Tournament day if they want to play in the Tournament for a PLDA World Spot (can win money and also the PLDA World Spot)
    The best player in the Tournament who is playing for the World Spot, wins it!
    Min. 10 Players on Tournament day +250,- Cash (If not 10 Players there is no World qualification on that tournament)
  • Senior Divison: Can choose if they want to play for the Prize Pool or for the PLDA World Spot. Min. 5 Player
  • For example: We have 8 Senior Players , 5 want to play for the World Spot, then all 8 Players play for the Spot. And there is also a money price for the Top 2 Players. Because we are over the 5 Players.
  • Lady Division: is regular playing for money. All Amateur Ladys are also playing in this Event but cannot win money. They are playing a Tournament in the Tournament for Amateur Lady Champion.

  • Amateur Division: Playing For the Amateur Trophy

You can cancel 7 days before Tournament! Then you get 90% money back!